Video conversion and transfer. Tape and cine film to DVD

Analogue to Digital conversion – Audio and Video

Do you have precious memories tucked away on video or audio tapes.

Many families have the milestone events of their lives recorded in a variety of forms. Your wedding video, maybe your children’s christening or possibly some long forgotten holiday when the children were young. Unlock these memories by asking Ardquoy to collect them together for you and transfer them onto DVD(s).

Often, only one copy of the videotape exists and is precious to the individuals concerned – so Ardquoy will only accept the original tapes when carried by hand. Collection and delivery of the tape is arranged by email first, with the finished DVDs sent out by post.

We pride ourselves on the service that we give

All video is individually digitised
Using professional equipment, each video tape is transferred and encoded as a digital file. Then they are reviewed and re-digitised if not up to the required standard. Any tape faults that cannot be remedied are reported to the customer.
Collated and Edited
Once all the digital files have been created they are each examined, simple edits made, significant interference or gaps removed and titles created at appropriate points. Any video that is longer than 2 hours is edited at the appropriate points to create individual files to be encoded as separate DVDs. The DVD is then created along with a menu system and chapter markers at automatic 10 minute intervals.
Bespoke Edit and Compilation
For an additional charge we will review the videos directly with the customer on a portable computer to identify the order of the video files and the edit points across the DVDs. The cost of this bespoke service will be discussed and a guideline to the likely cost given before the work is commenced. Alternatively, we can create intermediate discs showing a timecode on the footage so that the customer may identify their own edit points.
Catalogue and Introduction
All our DVDs are created with care and are often put together to be given to family members or simply to remind families of their past. As a matter of course we like to present all our work as attractively as possible and when many tapes are digitised we will catalogue the tapes from any available information. Additionally, we are offering an introduction feature. For a fixed charge of £40 we will video a short introduction to the set of videos  so that other family members  can watch a personal message from the family member(s) that had the foresight to have the video digitised on to DVDs.

We also like to resolve those difficult little jobs involving data where you don’t know where to turn for help. Please be aware that not all videos can be successfully transferred – very occasionally a tape is found to have deteriorated so that it cannot be played or the magnetic media damaged. However,  simple breaks will be repaired.